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Thermal Printers

Thermal Printers

Thermal Printer Distributor

Thermal Media offers entry-level low volume to high volume thermal transfer printers, both new and refurbished.

The benefits of Thermal Transfer Printers over traditional ink printers include:

  • fast printing speed
  • low maintenance cost because of fewer moving parts to wear out and break.
Direct Thermal Printer

This is the most common thermal printer – also called a thermal autochrome printer. With this type of thermal printer, heat sensitive paper is rolled along a heating element where there are a series of pins, that press into the paper to transfer the text.

The heat sensitive printing means that there is no ink to fade or smear, making Direct Thermal printers perfect for adhesive backed labels, barcode labels, POS systems, credit card slips, receipts, and other low- to medium-resolution print projects.

With several different sizes, styles, and uses, direct thermal printers can do most any job needed when colour is not important.

Thermal Transfer Printers

A Thermal transfer printer, also referred to as a thermal wax-transfer printer, offers higher-quality thermal printing. They use a wax-like ink rolled on a ribbon or sheet, depending on the size of the printer. Thermal transfer printer utilize a heating element to transfer full colour images to paper, picture stock, labels, and even polyester and polypropylene. These printers provide excellent quality photo prints along with the benefit of no ink to smear.

Some thermal transfer printers can also use traditional sublimation ink for lower quality projects along with thermal wax cartridges that allow for the higher quality jobs to be completed quickly and cleanly.

Printer Brands

Thermal Media carries many top thermal printer brands including:

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