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Thermal Ribbons

Thermal Ribbons

High Performance Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Versatile transfer ribbon line available in both Iimak with Cleanstart and low-cost generic solutions

Thermal Media offers competitively priced transfer ribbons to meet your specific needs. Ribbons designed to maximize the life of your printheads and provide consistently good print quality.

  • All ribbons guaranteed for 1 year
  • Meet FDA, MSDS and RoHS Requirements
  • UL/CSA approved

Our high performance ribbons are compatible with all thermal transfer printers including:

  • Zebra
  • Eltron
  • Datamax
  • Citoh
  • Citizen
  • Sato
  • TSC

For all other printers please enquire Thermal Labels

Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Resin based thermal ribbons are best for extreme environments where high quality images and resistance against abrasion and harsh solvents are required.


  • Extreme durability against challenging environments
  • Strong resistance to chemicals and solvents
  • Recognized by UL, CSA and complies with FDA (indirect food contact)
  • Recommended for use with synthetic labels and tags

Wax /Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

The best all-purpose ribbon for challenging environments requiring high quality, durable images with protection against chemicals and smearing. Perfect for paper and synthetic labels. Also ideal for printing product labels, warehouse labels, price tickets, retail labels and healthcare labels.


  • Excellent barcode ribbon scan ability
  • Superior chemical and smudge resistance
  • Sharp and reliable print quality at a wide variety of print speeds
  • Complies with FDA (indirect food contacts
  • Prints on a wide variety of materials

Premium Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Premium Wax Thermal Ribbon offers incredible value and is well suited for high speed printing, and print accuracy where smudge resistance in key. Premium wax thermal transfer ribbons are versatile enough to print on both coated and uncoated paper and also helps to dissipate static.


  • Crisp edge definition for best barcodes and highest scan rates
  • Capable of printing at high speeds
  • Produces dark, clean text and barcodes at low darkness settings
  • Lowest cost ribbon
  • Recommended for use with coated and uncoated paper labels and tags

Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Ideal for general purpose use. Wax thermal transfer ribbons are the most popular low cost option for both coated and uncoated paper. Typical uses include: address labels, shipping labels, mailing labels, product labels, warehouse labels, price tickets and retail labels.

Near-edge ribbon

Thermal-transfer ink ribbons for near-edge printers have been developed for high-volume printing processes at high speeds. Near-edge ribbons are used for packaging in the food industry, among others, and work with a variety of substrates such as paper, various plastics, and flexible packaging foils.

Near-edge technology integrates identification marking directly into the production process. Thermal Media offers near-edge ribbons that are wax-resin or resin based. Contact us for help deciding which thermal-transfer ink ribbon is best suited to your production needs.

Take advantage of clear, sharp barcodes with Clean Start®

Thermal Media Inc is the exclusive Canadian slitting partner for Iimak.

Clean Start® is an innovative, patented printhead cleaner that’s built right into the ribbon that makes printhead maintenance hassle-free. It removes debris before it builds up on the printhead. All it takes is 6 seconds and 2 easy steps.

Fill out the form on the right to contact our thermal transfer and direct thermal printing experts for recommendations regarding which thermal-transfer ink ribbon is best suited to your production needs.



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